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Virgo best and worst relationship matches. Worst Matches.

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Virgo & Pisces: Love Compatibility

Virgo best and worst relationship matches

However, this quality can sometimes manifest itself as a great love and respect for diligence and hard work instead. Virgo's can include folding underwear into identical, neat little squares; Gemini's usually involve hoarding, starting new hobbies or impulse shopping. Your approaches to life clash and will leave you both feeling frazzled. Both of you like to express your love for someone by doing practical things for that person, and both of you enjoy helping out with daily chores and various tasks. Fickle Libra may eventually decide to look for greener pastures elsewhere. This is likely to be a long-lasting relationship. Meanwhile, they won't understand why you're being so "exclusive. Virgo is the zodiac's helper and Cancer is its nurturer. Virgo's monkish side can make Sag feel lonely, and the Archer's blunt remarks can hurt the Virgin's feelings. Best Matches Taurus: In turn, Leo must shore up confidence, rather than take flaw-finding Virgo's feedback to heart. Gemini sees Virgo as incredibly dull and boring while Virgo sees Gemini as too impractical and flighty. Forget the horn-rimmed glasses and virginal rep that's been cast upon your sign. Pisces is everything that Virgo likes: You're as likely to meet at a drum circle as you are at a conference on climate control, or volunteering in the Peace Corps. Libra Libra is a social people person, Virgo is shy. Virgo best and worst relationship matches

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Virgo best and worst relationship matches

Virgo best and worst relationship matches

Virgo best and worst relationship matches

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    Money can become another bone of contention in this pairing. If you want to feel special and secure, date a Cancer.

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