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I Can't Stop Falling Asleep - Living Differently

How girls fall asleep

Reserve your bed for sleep and intimacy only. It's actually ironic that women have more sleep issues than men, because we're the ones whose health is really affected by lack of sleep. She could be totally uninterested or simply has her perfect time. Girls are modest and cautious about how they behave in front of people. This finding is scary, because so many of us experience disturbed sleep for years or even decades. Emotionally sensitive does not mean dramatic or weak. The dangers of missed sleep Shutterstock Sure, women can function on no sleep. It is important to notice that while not every girl goes this way, most of them admit to doing it. Men, on the other hand, have a harder time. We've rounded up the main culprits for our sleep deprivation, as well as what to do about it. According to Harvard Medical School , 60 percent of women don't sleep enough. Their main excuse being that it is their personal time, one to do things as they please. And while neither men nor women can truly "catch up" on missed sleep, sleep-deprived women will feel better after a longer night of sleep than men will. How girls fall asleep

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How girls fall asleep

How girls fall asleep

How girls fall asleep

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    Being the smarter sex is both a blessing and a curse. Researchers found an association between shorter sleep duration and an increased risk for heart attacks in middle-aged women.

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    Unsurprisingly, research shows that your sleep time will decrease when there are children in the home. No work or screens allowed.

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    Men, on the other hand, have a harder time. Make sure you're not exercising right before bed because that could actually energize you and make it harder to fall asleep. Most sleep research in the past has focused on men.

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    She could use your fingerprints comfortably to unlock it while you are sleeping. Unsurprisingly, research shows that your sleep time will decrease when there are children in the home.

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    In your mind, you think she would die if she tried. Make sure to go to bed and wake at the same times everyday. This can be related to the hormonal changes we experience, as well as other factors.

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