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Mean Girls 2 Movie Clip "Prada Fringe Purse" Official (HD)

Mean girls 2 part 1

While The Parent Trap star experienced some highs and lows in the spotlight, the actress is focused on her new project titled Nerd. Technically, a Mean Girls 2 came out in , but Fey wasn't attached nor a fan , and it didn't include any of the original cast members except for Tim Meadows Principal Duvall. Confusing matters is the class' wealthy wallflower, Abby Jennifer Stone , whose rich father offers Jo college tuition in exchange for befriending Abby. Debmar-Mercury 20th Television Regina George could come back to the big screen demanding everyone wear pink on Wednesdays, and audiences would love every minute of it. Is it OK to make fun of people for their sexual experience or lack thereof? She was recently in a U. And if you haven't seen the original, definitely give it a go; it looks like a master class compared to this TV-fied version. Mean Girls 2 fails at what would seem to be the most basic of tasks: Despite Jo's attempts to avoid the Plastics, conflict develops between them and Abby. When Jo and Abby discover that Mandi is going to throw a birthday party, that has Abby throw a party herself, which is "all invited", unlike Mandi's "invite only". After Mandi kisses him for Jo to see, he vomits on her from that Easy Upchuck. Jo's dream is to attend Carnegie Mellon University , her late mother's alma mater. Tyler and the other Anti-Plastics try to help Jo prove her innocence with the help of the school's tech guy, Elliott. The actors are all small-screen alums who know the drill, and Tim Meadows reprises his role as a principal who kinda hates the students but can't really do anything to stop their appalling behavior. It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 13 years since moviegoers were first introduced to Regina George, Cady Herron and more unforgettable characters. Advertisement Director Melanie Mayron yes, as in thirtysomething also deserves our opprobrium. Mean girls 2 part 1

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Mean girls 2 part 1

Mean girls 2 part 1

Mean girls 2 part 1

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