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Janus spanking

Unlike many others, however, it did not cheat its customers. The art of Lynn Paula Russell , known to Janus readers as Paula Meadows, also helped differentiate the title in the s, appearing in every issue from No. In the mids, the police several times seized stocks of the magazine from the shop in Old Compton Street and applied for their destruction, but magistrates decided that the material was not obscene. Until , its editor was named as Keith Drabble, which may have been an alias for Peter Brewer. Under the editorship of Alan Van Okker , Janus gained recognition as the leading British spanking magazine on account of the quality of its artwork and the literacy of its fiction. North had previously appeared as a spanker in a photo set under the name of Christian Fennington. At this site you will be able to download classic spanking magazines in a high quality pdf format from our Online Shop. Usually filling about a third of each issue, the main photo fantasy illustrated a short story with a sequence of photographs, posed and selected so as to create a strong sense of mood and character. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and discovering the many delights of a spanking world that existed long before the dawn of the internet. Although it contained many pictures, most were single photos extracted from mainstream glamour shoots, typically but not always focusing on bottoms. Janus spanking

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Janus spanking

Janus spanking

Janus spanking

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    The Janus roster includes Linzi Drew No.

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    In , the magazine adopted a new lay-out with colour printing throughout, but the print market by then was shrinking. Our digital video section includes a wide range of early spanking and caning films for you to savour. Janus ran a number of short-lived cartoon strips:

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