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Hoeing meaning in urdu. English to Urdu.

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Hoeing meaning in urdu

Winter weeds are wimps, so you can weed with a 'hoe' instead of a spade. We were able to rotary 'hoe' the corn on time and that has helped with the first flush of weeds. Otherwise, I had a general potter - 'hoed' the soft fruit bed, swept up the paths, tidied the shed. Things you need are a soaker hose, a 'hoe' , fertilizer, seeds, and gardening gloves. Traditional garden 'hoes' with updated design refinements make weeding easier while minimally disturbing the soil. A 'hoe' is another fine tool no garden - or gardener - should be without. They 'hoe' , plant, and weed, and harvest the crops. I weeded with a 'hoe' and shook bugs off plants with my hands from sunrise to sunset. To supplement the farm income, Dad would go out and 'hoe' beets for neighboring beet producers. The garden 'hoe' is used for chopping weeds so they don't grow back and for spreading soil in the garden. Hoeing meaning in urdu

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Hoeing meaning in urdu

Hoeing meaning in urdu

Hoeing meaning in urdu

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  1. JoJogor says:

    They 'hoe' , plant, and weed, and harvest the crops.

  2. Tura says:

    If weeding a large flower bed, you can use a 'hoe' , but take care not to damage the roots of the plants around them.

  3. Zulrajas says:

    The idea is that after harvesting you will not need to plough or 'hoe' the land for the new planting season. Things you need are a soaker hose, a 'hoe' , fertilizer, seeds, and gardening gloves.

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