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Movies of LGBT Interest #2

Gay brutal domination

News of his work continued to reach Asia, playing a part in regional developments. Thavibu Art Gallery, Truong Tan Art critic Bui Nhu Huong cites him as the pioneer of Vietnamese contemporary art , and many artists in recent years have expressed their admiration for his resistance to being constrained by social and official condemnation. Since performance art had no local history, there were no entrenched criteria on which to judge it. Like Tan, Himiko laments the unwritten rules and constraints that she finds in Vietnamese society. Homosexuality was only removed from the official list of mental illnesses in , and it is still largely frowned upon. In a country where naked people cannot be shown in the media , Himiko admits that she chose nudes to push up against these ingrained boundaries. Her comments indicate a thoughtful understanding on how ideology is implemented through national education and how it is naturalised by the general population. Thavibu Gallery His first solo show opened in Hanoi in , displaying an abundance of male nudes. Circus, in fact, references restrictions in the bound-up ankles of one figure. These contributions would have not been possible without the pioneering work of Truong Tan. In exhibiting these, Truong Tan tested the water for public acceptance of content that could be read as homosexual. More directly, Circus shows a figure that appears to be powerful, controlling and abusive, and one that is twisted, inverted and powerless. Poster for the Come Out exhibition, , by Himiko Nguyen used with permission. Since , the country has celebrated gay pride Viet Pride annually, and, in , it saw the launch of the first local gay social network, Blued, which sends about 2 million daily messages among users, according to the company. Gay brutal domination

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Gay brutal domination

Gay brutal domination

Gay brutal domination

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    Circus, in fact, references restrictions in the bound-up ankles of one figure. Poster for the Come Out exhibition, , by Himiko Nguyen used with permission.

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