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What to Wear to an Interview for Men (in 5.5 min)

What to wear tv interview

If you're uncomfortable, it'll show on your face and in your body language. I have appeared on telly looking dreadful. But if she was in the studio doing an interview I am sure she would wear make-up and so should you. Striped clothing may create a weird optical effect called a moire pattern, where competing patterns compete with each other for visual dominance. The camera will boost the contrast. A coloured tie. Makeup Never assume a makeup artist will attend to you at the studio. But try to find that happy medium; you don't want to slather on too much makeup and look like you're headed for the circus. Even in black-and-white, JFK looked spry and tan while Nixon appeared tired and blotchy. If you're wearing green and these effects are being used, you'll blend into the background. A streamlined outfit needs streamlined shoes. Stick to solid colors, especially blues, pastels and natural tones. Today, black and white are best avoided if possible but only because they can be unflattering in harsh light. Crucially, if there is even a remote possibility that you are going to be on a low settee — do not wear a short skirt. Most female newsreaders stick to the jacket and T-shirt formula and it is a very safe one. By Guy Bergstrom Updated November 07, If you're going to be interviewed on television , once you've gotten past the butterflies in your stomach, it's important to think about what you're going to wear. This goes for men as much as for women. What to wear tv interview

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What to wear tv interview

What to wear tv interview

What to wear tv interview

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    Having a jacket gives somewhere to clip on the microphone and saves any embarrassing need for wires up under a dress or pulling a delicate top out of shape. If it does, change it.

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    Clothing for Men Men should pick clothes that they are comfortable wearing to look most at ease on camera.

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    This goes for men as much as for women. At best you might have a centimetre of fake pocket on a jacket or a pair of trousers.

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