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Christiane Amanpour - An In-Depth Look at Passion and Intimacy on "Sex & Love Around the World"

Sexy christiane

You have done amazing, award-winning reporting on global issues from every pocket of the world. I think men around the world feel it, too. We focused on women as agents of their own personal politics and space. They seem to be the major victims, particularly in the wars they face now, which are primarily amongst civilians. In this journey I wanted to find out how people, especially women, could find true love and intimacy, where sex is safe and fun, and personal happiness comes before family and filial duty. My heart was healed when I met one particularly loving couple who created the Adoring Husbands Association. These societies were more sexually liberated centuries ago than they are today. Why turn your lens to sex and love, and why now? It is these honest exchanges and the way Amanpour shares her own reflections which provide the most noteworthy moments of the show. Across the cultures, most of the women I met have marriage on their mind. Why have I never explored that in my 27 years reporting war and crises around the world? Sexy christiane

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Sexy christiane

Sexy christiane

Sexy christiane

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